“One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important.” Bertrand Russell

Saw this today and loved it.  Now excuse while I have a small come-apart.  



Let’s face it. Way back when, when you were imagining having children, you never really imagined you would be that informed about another being’s bowel movements.

Reasons to Exercise in the Morning

I recently found a journal entry in one of my many, many, many abandoned efforts. The title is as above and there are 15 things listed below. Suspiciously, the last two are NOT in my handwriting. (I’m give you the stink-eye Jana.) Here’s the list:

1. Hard to find time during day, things get in the way. (nice how that rhymes.)
2. spending $$ on the gym is not feasible. (this was apparently when I meant in mornings at home.)
3. fit into old clothes
4. beach = don’t want to be embarrassed
5. wedding in July
6. tired all the time
7. need more energy @ night
8. will need more energy as Bean gets older
9. Don’t want to be the fat mom
10. don’t want to feel estranged from body anymore
11. don’t want to feel estranged from self anymore.
12. fatigue taking toll on brain
13. no heavy breaking after three flights of stairs
14. Yeah Endorphins! (Jana)
15. Everything tastes better when you have to run to catch it. (Jana)

What’s on your list?

Off Scale Edification

Weight Watchers Weigh-In has me up 2 lbs today.  This is not really surprising to me for two reasons.  Reason 1.  I’m on the front end of my cycle.  (Sorry boys.)  This means that I am retaining water like a dry sponge.  AND BONUS my appetite is up b/c of aforementioned cycle.  DOUBLE BONUS, I’m really stressed out about work stuff.  I will give you a guess about what I do when I’m stressed.  Reason 2.  I started weights this week.  There is no doubt in my mind that I am possibly the weakest I have ever been.  There is no where but up for my muscle density to go.  Additionally, when muscles are repairing themselves, they have an awful habit of retaining fluid.

Anyone else sensing a trend here to my week?

That being said, anyone who as been at the weight loss effort for a while knows that sometimes you have to go off scale for a little edification.  And so here is mine:

Weight: 207.8
Bust: 44/40 (-1.75 inches total)/(no change)
Waist: 38.75 (-1.25 in past month/-3.75 inches total)
Hips: 54 (this is a new measure across the hip bones)
Bottom: 45 (-2 inches total)
Thigh: 27.5
Upper Arm: 13.75


Weight Watchers, take five.

I guess it’s time to eat (hahaha!  pun intended) a little crow.  Last year I said I didn’t want to go back on Weight Watchers.  I talked about how in the past in hadn’t worked for me, at least not long term.  And yet here I am, back on Weight Watchers.

It’s familiar but different.  As before, I need to find a good leader.  I like the Saturday morning person, but I will usually have Bean and that is hard to manage even though Bean tries to be good.  There is a meeting at 6:30 a.m.  I have yet to make it to that one.  The Sunday person seems nice but doesn’t seem to have quite the sense of humor that the Saturday woman does.  And, if anything, this process is going to require a sense of humor.   There are more points and more flexibility.  And yet a number of foodstuffs have more points than they use to so I think it all comes out in the wash.

“Yes, but what changed with you?” you ask. Ugh.  So many things.  And, in the end, what didn’t change is what drove me back.  The weight is still there, figuratively and literally.  My daughter is four years old, and I am still a version of me I never wanted her to see.  I never wanted her to see me struggle with my weight.  I never wanted to infect her with this…this…what do you call it?  A disease?  A compulsion?  A mental illness?  A habit?

No child should ever know, at seven, what “Slim Fast” is.  What ten year old should be on the American Heart Association Diet?  My parents always told me I was pretty with their mouths, but watching them struggle with their health bled into my own fledgling identity. How could it not when being on and off and on these diets was the norm for my family?  So ingrained was this that even in the depths of Alzheimer’s my grandmother was concerned with her weight, refusing to eat anything but chicken breasts and grapefruit.

I do not want to model a life, for my daughter, of being consumed by what I consume.

I KNOW what do to.  I KNOW how to do it.  But doing it?  Actually doing it…the canyon between those things is so wide that I can only trust that others are right when they tell me there is another side.  It is so deep that I can only hope there is a bottom to stop me when I fall.

A Discovery of Witches

I picked this book up last fall from my library.

It is an incredibly creative novel about a witch, a vampire, and a coveted secret manuscript that pulls them together.  Debut novelist Harkness presents an  addictive read that is part history, part magic, and part mystery.  I like the interesting way that Harkness plays with the mythologies.  (Of course, I’ve been known to watch awful movies just to see a new treatment of vampire lore.)  Don’t get in a hurry like some bloggers we know.  (ahem.) This is the first in a new trilogy.  3 a.m. is an awfully late (or early?) and inconvenient time to figure that out.

Good news?  The second installment is coming out this Summer.