She’s Got the Look

Holy crap.  OK, so today, like today, now, on a whim, I tried on my other size 16 pants.  (yes yes…this is along the lines of weighing myself repeatedly throughout the week, in the words of the character played by Peter MacNicol on Ally McBeal, “bygones.”)  So where was I?  Yes.  OK.  So I tried on my size 16s.  You know, the ones I said still fit kinda wonky.  And.  Well. After the squat test, THEY FIT.  HOLY CRAP!!!!

And so I started thinking, what else might fit?  A sudden flurry of trying on everything I own was cut short by the fact that half of my clothes are at my dad’s in storage from when we had the house on the market.  But still, there were things here.  Shirts to be tried on and judged.  How too big is just too too big?  What should be packed/given away?  Should I go ahead and move in to fall colors?  Should I scrap the whole shebang and start over?    Ooooh.  Maybe an upgrade to Banana Republic?  nono..can’t afford that.

But I’m telling you, “XL Tall” is looking like a dead man.  “L Tall” is the new black.

Bonus:  Now you have the Roxette Song stuck in your head too.


Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!

Who was that girl who just ran a 11 minute mile?!  That’d be me!  Today I had to run my “long run.”  You know, the one that got put off on Sunday and totally sandbagged on Monday.  Well part of the training includes an occasional “magic mile” portion to test my pacing ability.  I’ve never been an especially speedy runner.  Barely sub-10 minute miles is really all I’ve ever accomplished consistently.  But I’m thrilled that this early in the effort I was able to hit an 11 minute mile.  It bodes well my friend.  It bodes well.

Also, when I went to the gym to change for the run, I got a good look at my backside in my pants.  Why didn’t someone tell me I was bagging so badly?!  (I’m lookin’ at you.   You know who you are.)  So I am now, officially, wearing my size 16s.  At least my old size 16s.  My newer ones still fit strangely.  Same pant, same size, different fit.  Seriously Gap?!  (pause to give the Gap the stink-eye.)

(Exit stage left doing happy dance in size 16s.)


Face the Music Monday

Howdy folks!  I thought I would finally touch base about this last week’s progress. Here are the numbers.

Weight: 209.4, -1 this week (-8 total)
Waist: 39 (-3.5)
Hips: 46 (-1)
Legs: 27.25  (-.75)
Bust: 44.5 (-1.25)

Today’s Yoga class was great.  It was nice and challenging.  The woman teaching the class did a nice job showing the variations so I didn’t feel so bad about not doing the difficult things but could see where I might be headed.  For the record though, my upper body is so far gone that my arms were done for 2/3rds of the way through the class.  Seriously, typing at this point is a challenge.  My high school keyboarding teacher would be mortified by my overall form.   Shhh….

Another piece of good news?  I think that a few more pounds will have me safely out of the my size 18 pants.  woot!  I’m in that weird in between stage right now where they really are too big but the 16s are still too small to comfortably say I am that size.  For now it’s more like, I am that size, if the moon is aligned with Jupiter and Mercury is in the 7th house.  😉    Still, looking forward to wearing clothes I haven’t been able to get into in years.  And, this is possibly the least I have weighed since Bean was born.  Nice to be in the single digit twos again.  Can’t wait to see the other side of them.

The Ugly Truth

I am obese.  Not chubby.  Not big boned.  (Ok, I am “big boned” but that is a discussion for another time.)  My current BMI is 33.  And while you may question, as other have, the value of relying only on the BMI as a measure of “health,” I have a couple of other numbers I would like to throw out there.

Can you see this picture? (Sorry for the bad lighting.) Yeah.  It says 217.6.    That would be, ahem,  TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN POINT SIX POUNDS.

Need more?  Lets talks about sizes.  My current pant size is 18.  Size discrepancies aside, and I will talk about that at a later time too, that is a pretty big pant size.  I’m an XL Tall on top. What does all that mean?  Well, I’m 5’8″.  My waist is 42.5″.  My hips are 47″.  My thighs are 28″ each.  My bust, including boobs, is 45.75″.  Without the boobs?  40″.  My upper arms are 13.5″. All these numbers = I am not a small person.  I’m not even a small version of myself.