Seven miles

This week was a seven miler. It is the longest I’ve run in a very, very, very long time. And I learned a few things on the way. 1. I need new shoes. Badly. Should have taken the hint when my knees started hurting before mile three. 2. You can really cover a lot of space in my town when going seven miles. I think I looped a whole section without even trying. What’s going to happen when I really have to go some distance? 3. Pandora has a sense of humor. Mile five was sponsored by Queen. That’s right, We Are the Champions, baby! Below are some images I took along the way.

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Are U able? We’ll see.

I. Am. So. Tired.

I’m not sleepy, mind you. Tired. Super-duper-mega-tired. Or to be more precise, my legs are. So I have a serious concern about tomorrow’s race. A concern that my legs, when presented with the prospect of running the Are U able 5K, will respond with “We are bleeping sorry but bleep, bleep the bleep were you bleeping bleep thinking after the bleeping bleep week you’ve bleeping bleep had? Next bleeping time, be bleeping nicer to us. Bleep.”

On the outside, of course, all you will see is me, walking. But rest assured, it’s going to be rated R in my internal dialog. You know, for strong language and adult themes.

In other news, the Zoo closes at 4:45. Chalking this up to “lessons learned the hard way.” Man that list is getting long.

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!

Who was that girl who just ran a 11 minute mile?!  That’d be me!  Today I had to run my “long run.”  You know, the one that got put off on Sunday and totally sandbagged on Monday.  Well part of the training includes an occasional “magic mile” portion to test my pacing ability.  I’ve never been an especially speedy runner.  Barely sub-10 minute miles is really all I’ve ever accomplished consistently.  But I’m thrilled that this early in the effort I was able to hit an 11 minute mile.  It bodes well my friend.  It bodes well.

Also, when I went to the gym to change for the run, I got a good look at my backside in my pants.  Why didn’t someone tell me I was bagging so badly?!  (I’m lookin’ at you.   You know who you are.)  So I am now, officially, wearing my size 16s.  At least my old size 16s.  My newer ones still fit strangely.  Same pant, same size, different fit.  Seriously Gap?!  (pause to give the Gap the stink-eye.)

(Exit stage left doing happy dance in size 16s.)


Five miles, done

91 degrees, check.  100 degree heat index, check.  Today’s run was brought to you by my stubborn streak and the 32 ounces of ice water J.D. left on the stoop for me.  Honestly, it wasn’t too bad, but I think I’ve stretched the ability of our neighborhood to contain the runs.  Anything more than this distance and I’m going to be headed up and over the hills.

OKOK. It was ungodly hot.  I seriously considered just pouring the water on me instead of drinking it when I looped back by the house.  BUT it’s done.  WOHOO!  Tomorrow begins the yoga classes.  Sweet.


Tonight was my second run of the week. And wow, I don’t know if it was the humidity or just that it was the first time I’ve run at night in a really long time but that was a tough one. I’m usually a morning runner because I’m more of a morning person but I really didn’t realize how little energy I have at night in comparison.

The good news is that my speed was better than expected. Also, I recently bought some new running bras and let me tell you, after running in the same bras for an embarrassing amount of time (ahem, one was bought when I lived in Boston), running a shiney new comfy bra is GLORIOUS!!!

Easy, Like Sunday Morning

There’s an inside joke to that title, the particulars I won’t share, but the abbreviated version is this, if you have sex for the first time and call your mother the next day because you are afraid you’ve broken your hooha, you’re roommate might be inspired to pick up the receiver in his room and play this song for everyone’s listening pleasure.  I’m sorry, did I say “joke”?

This morning though, was a nice and easy as a start to my marathon training.   I was afraid, when I walked outside and heard thunder, that I was going to have to postpone the run to a hotter part of the day.  But when I check the map on the Weather Channel it looked like the storm was going to hold tight to the ridge, so I headed off.

I decided to really push my distance today, even if it meant I walked a lot of it.  I’ve been doing the C25K program but am not near the end of it so I really was planning on possibly doubling what distance I had been covering.  And honestly, everything went pretty smoothly.   I had to double back on one part of my route just to squeeze out a little extra distance and when I hit my street I looped again just to be sure.  My goal was 3 miles but when I got home, RunKeeper Pro told me I had actually gone 3.55! HOLY MOLY!  (Note to self:  loop around my block is .25 miles.)

I’ve popped a little Ibuprofen and stretched to keep old injuries from complaining too loudly but I have to say I’m blown away by how amazingly fantastically great that felt.  Even in the 80 degree 82% humidity morning.