A Discovery of Witches

I picked this book up last fall from my library.

It is an incredibly creative novel about a witch, a vampire, and a coveted secret manuscript that pulls them together.  Debut novelist Harkness presents an  addictive read that is part history, part magic, and part mystery.  I like the interesting way that Harkness plays with the mythologies.  (Of course, I’ve been known to watch awful movies just to see a new treatment of vampire lore.)  Don’t get in a hurry like some bloggers we know.  (ahem.) This is the first in a new trilogy.  3 a.m. is an awfully late (or early?) and inconvenient time to figure that out.

Good news?  The second installment is coming out this Summer.


Weight Watchers Weigh-In

Sitting at today’s WW meeting amazed that I lost anything at all given how I ate on the trip and my dinner Flemmings on Friday. Nonetheless….

1.4 down. 1.8 total. Current weight is 205.8lbs. The 5 a.m. workouts must have helped.

Will explain the decision to return to Weight Watchers later.

Kiddie catch phrases

I know that Bean is picking these up from other people. It’s just that somewhere something gets shifted in translation.

“I’m Ok with that.”
As in “yes mommy. I can go to grans house even if I skip quiet time. I’m OK with that.

“For really.”
Example: “bobby eats his boogers. It’s gross, for really.”

Crazy Dreams

Ok.  I’m currently convinced that there are a number of “sandmen” doling out dreams to the sleeping.  AND I think they were going at one-up-man-ship with abandon last night.  For the record these are the ones I remember.

1. Dream begins, I am talking to JD.  I catch sight of myself in the mirror and it really isn’t me.  It’s me if I were significantly shorter, carried my weight differently, and carried a heck of a lot more weight.  It was shocking.  Really shocking.  We have two kids but neither of them are Bean.  In retrospect, I’ve aged but not enough to have kids as old as our kids were so maybe we got started earlier?  We meet up with my parents who don’t seem any older than they are now.  I seem to have made a number of their friends mad and get “asked” to leave a party.  I start walking home, completely bewildered about my life and how it doesn’t match what I remember. I remember the sound of my footsteps on the street.

2.  My great aunt, JD, Bean, and a kid from Bean’s school are at the house.  Everyone is playing around and having fun though the kid from the school is a rambunctious boy and starting to irritate me.  I glance out the window just in time to see a bank of clouds move in the distance with a number of funnels forming.  I’m trying to get everyone, including the dogs into the hall.  No one believes me.  The rain is pouring.  The wind is blowing.  Very scary.

3.  Friend is visiting from California and we and a group of friends are going to a Farmer’s Market.  In theory this is suppose to be a fantastic organic market where you can also buy good seeds and starter plants.  But when we get there it’s a weird, 4 level mall.  We have to put all of our stuff in a locker in the basement.  At some point I think I lose some of my clothes.  I try talking to people about growing plants but they don’t seem to understand what I’m asking.  The rest of the “market” seems more like a flea market; a bunch of stuff I’m not really interested in.  A number of random celebrities show up and start dancing.  I am talking with my friend and am like “I didn’t know they were gay?”  And then I have to rush back to the basement to find my clothes and almost get lost on the way as all the shops are shutting down and locking as I go through them.


Feel free to pick these apart.  I’m too tired.

Trim the Snails! and other epic failures

Bean has been coughing.  Alot.  Alot Alot.  This is despite a steroid inhaler that she has been on for a different reason.  I am afeared that it’s possible that the illness causing the cough is possibly worse than it is presenting.  ugh.  I may have to take tomorrow off for a trip to Peds.  I seriously need to not take tomorrow off.  ugh.  

In other news, today’s experience at a Staff Appreciation Brunch can only be defined as an epic fail. Seriously.  Cake and fruit and chicken biscuits and pastry and did I mention the cake?  (Shaking head slowly at myself.  Thinking about sending myself to bed without any supper.)

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s to the gym I go!

I have spent a lot of time, I ridiculous amount of time really, trying to organize my day in such a way as to not be too rushed.  I truly hate when every day feels like I am just ushering Bean from one location to another.

Hurry! Hurry! We have to go to school today.

Hurry!  Hurry!  We have to get home!

Hurry!  Hurry!   We have to get a bath!

After talking to my sister-in-law this weekend I think I am finally ready to accept reality.  There is no perfect way to organize my day that doesn’t require I sacrifice something.  If I want to do all of the things I need squeeze into a day (meals, coffee, sleep, time with family, exercise, oh and work) something is going to have to give.  Apparently that thing is going to be my 6 a.m. wake up time.

That’s right.  No more 6 a.m. for me.  There’s a new wake up time in town.  5 a.m.

Ms. 5 a.m. if you’re nasty.

Groan with me friends.  It’s mightily early.