Reasons to Exercise in the Morning

I recently found a journal entry in one of my many, many, many abandoned efforts. The title is as above and there are 15 things listed below. Suspiciously, the last two are NOT in my handwriting. (I’m give you the stink-eye Jana.) Here’s the list:

1. Hard to find time during day, things get in the way. (nice how that rhymes.)
2. spending $$ on the gym is not feasible. (this was apparently when I meant in mornings at home.)
3. fit into old clothes
4. beach = don’t want to be embarrassed
5. wedding in July
6. tired all the time
7. need more energy @ night
8. will need more energy as Bean gets older
9. Don’t want to be the fat mom
10. don’t want to feel estranged from body anymore
11. don’t want to feel estranged from self anymore.
12. fatigue taking toll on brain
13. no heavy breaking after three flights of stairs
14. Yeah Endorphins! (Jana)
15. Everything tastes better when you have to run to catch it. (Jana)

What’s on your list?


Hi ho, hi ho, it’s to the gym I go!

I have spent a lot of time, I ridiculous amount of time really, trying to organize my day in such a way as to not be too rushed.  I truly hate when every day feels like I am just ushering Bean from one location to another.

Hurry! Hurry! We have to go to school today.

Hurry!  Hurry!  We have to get home!

Hurry!  Hurry!   We have to get a bath!

After talking to my sister-in-law this weekend I think I am finally ready to accept reality.  There is no perfect way to organize my day that doesn’t require I sacrifice something.  If I want to do all of the things I need squeeze into a day (meals, coffee, sleep, time with family, exercise, oh and work) something is going to have to give.  Apparently that thing is going to be my 6 a.m. wake up time.

That’s right.  No more 6 a.m. for me.  There’s a new wake up time in town.  5 a.m.

Ms. 5 a.m. if you’re nasty.

Groan with me friends.  It’s mightily early.

Resolutions? What Resolutions?

Well I finally got brave and stepped on the scale.  The result was not nearly as bad as I thought it might be; a five pound gain.  Also I’m happy to report that no black hole opened as the result of any new-fangled physics that were done in the bathroom to pull this off.

I’ve been spending the week catching up on my quality time with the elliptical machines at the gym.  It occurred to me the other day, as I put in my weight and age, that I’ve been putting my age in precisely the same brand of machine since that first number was a very solid 2.  I’m sure there is a very deep metaphor we could delve into regarding this, but really I just found it funny;  twistedly so.

I’m not back to running yet.  I’m little wary of running at my weight after my last effort resulted in a very angry knee.  (I like my knees.  I like to keep them happy.)  Even so, I think I would have gone on a short run yesterday if I had remembered to pack my running shoes.  The weather was surprisingly warm and dry, despite the insistence of the Weather Channel that it was raining.

In the meantime, I’m also trying to figure out how to working yoga/weights into the routine as well.  Finding time to devote enough time to cardio and also weight training/stretching to burn 500-700 calories a day is going to be a challenge.  Perhaps this plan from Runner’s World will work well with the time restriction.  I simply do not have 2 hours to spend at the gym on a daily basis.