Let’s face it. Way back when, when you were imagining having children, you never really imagined you would be that informed about another being’s bowel movements.



My kid just spelled and wrote “cat” correctly. I will now pick myself off of the floor.

Kiddie catch phrases

I know that Bean is picking these up from other people. It’s just that somewhere something gets shifted in translation.

“I’m Ok with that.”
As in “yes mommy. I can go to grans house even if I skip quiet time. I’m OK with that.

“For really.”
Example: “bobby eats his boogers. It’s gross, for really.”

Trim the Snails! and other epic failures

Bean has been coughing.  Alot.  Alot Alot.  This is despite a steroid inhaler that she has been on for a different reason.  I am afeared that it’s possible that the illness causing the cough is possibly worse than it is presenting.  ugh.  I may have to take tomorrow off for a trip to Peds.  I seriously need to not take tomorrow off.  ugh.  

In other news, today’s experience at a Staff Appreciation Brunch can only be defined as an epic fail. Seriously.  Cake and fruit and chicken biscuits and pastry and did I mention the cake?  (Shaking head slowly at myself.  Thinking about sending myself to bed without any supper.)