Let’s face it. Way back when, when you were imagining having children, you never really imagined you would be that informed about another being’s bowel movements.


Kiddie catch phrases

I know that Bean is picking these up from other people. It’s just that somewhere something gets shifted in translation.

“I’m Ok with that.”
As in “yes mommy. I can go to grans house even if I skip quiet time. I’m OK with that.

“For really.”
Example: “bobby eats his boogers. It’s gross, for really.”

Trim the Snails! and other epic failures

Bean has been coughing.  Alot.  Alot Alot.  This is despite a steroid inhaler that she has been on for a different reason.  I am afeared that it’s possible that the illness causing the cough is possibly worse than it is presenting.  ugh.  I may have to take tomorrow off for a trip to Peds.  I seriously need to not take tomorrow off.  ugh.  

In other news, today’s experience at a Staff Appreciation Brunch can only be defined as an epic fail. Seriously.  Cake and fruit and chicken biscuits and pastry and did I mention the cake?  (Shaking head slowly at myself.  Thinking about sending myself to bed without any supper.)