Today’s 5K

Today’s race turned out brilliantly. Bean was great. The race was well organized. It was incredibly hot and I was pushing 40lbs in front of me, but I still managed 13.5 minute miles. Fantastic. Check out the pictures below.

After losing my car keys, I finally make it to get my number.

All the folks in front of me.

All the folks behind me.

Bean waits patiently for the race to begin.

Bean was so good she got her face painted.


Are U able? We’ll see.

I. Am. So. Tired.

I’m not sleepy, mind you. Tired. Super-duper-mega-tired. Or to be more precise, my legs are. So I have a serious concern about tomorrow’s race. A concern that my legs, when presented with the prospect of running the Are U able 5K, will respond with “We are bleeping sorry but bleep, bleep the bleep were you bleeping bleep thinking after the bleeping bleep week you’ve bleeping bleep had? Next bleeping time, be bleeping nicer to us. Bleep.”

On the outside, of course, all you will see is me, walking. But rest assured, it’s going to be rated R in my internal dialog. You know, for strong language and adult themes.

In other news, the Zoo closes at 4:45. Chalking this up to “lessons learned the hard way.” Man that list is getting long.

I Think I Can

On Saturday I will run my first 5K in almost 3 years. I’m excited and nervous. And because of a scheduling snafu I will not be alone. Bean will be with me, in the running stroller. I’ve promised that if she is good, she can run the last bit with me. Her first race. She is very excited about this.

It’s a small race so I fully expect to be near the end and therefore out of the way. That being said I did call and double check the stroller situation. Also, a tiny part of me doesnt want to
be the absolutely last person to cross the line.

So Saturday is a race, then lunch with Dad, then a Ben Folds show. Wow. Looks almost like I’m an adult. 😉