Face the music monday

Today’s weight was 205. That’s fine. I’m honestly shocked it isn’t more considering how stressed out I feel. Happy place. Happy place. Happy place. More on the stress later.


A Tale Of Broken Tails

I noticed on Monday that one of our two dogs would not raise her tail. Efforts to wag were pitiful. She would sit to the side to avoid bending it. It was odd. But not alarming. Yet.

This morning JD tried to raise her tail to make sure that there wasn’t a sore or something at the base. After all, one of her favorite games is to play chase with her sister and catch the other’s tail. It is entirely possible that someone got too rough.

Good news, no sore. Bad news, lots of screaming from the dog.

I am now sitting at vets.


Face the Music Monday

Today by the numbers:

Weight 204, -2.6 this week (-13lbs total)
Bust: 44.5 (-1.25 inches total)
Waist: 38.5 (-4 inches total)
Hips: 45.5 (-1.5 inches total)

Admittedly this has gone more slowly than I had hoped. I have been at this round for 10 weeks now and I had honestly hoped to be sub-200 by now. Obviously I am not. But I think it is important to note that I haven’t stopped trying. Unfortunately for me, the weightloss effort has not and really cannot be my only focus. There is so much else going on. Always so many things competing for my attention.

If you are a slow loser like me, don’t get discouraged. Stick around. It’ll be worth it.

And now, I’m off to buy new work pants! Pictures of the rocking skirt coming soon.

Storage Wars

I took part of my afternoon and headed over to my dad’s to retrieve some of the stuff we stored there when we decided to put the house on the market.  Today I was mostly focused on clothes.  I need to acquire some new ones soon and really just couldn’t remember what I took over there versus what wore out last year versus what I gave away in the blurry first year of parenthood.

Good news, the punk-rock-meets-parochial-length skirt fits.  yipeee!  Bad news…is there any bad news?  Oh!  This isn’t bad news, exactly, but vaguely problematic news.  I have a lot of sweat shirts.  I don’t know why or how when I remember distinctly a couple of years ago being down to two and asking for one.  I think they all got together and bred.  The problem is that I really don’t have anywhere to store all of their offspring.

And this really is the crux of the matter.  Storage. This house isn’t the most limited storage house I’ve ever lived in.   The house I grew up in had one closet.  Yes.  I said ONE CLOSET.  IN THE ENTIRE HOUSE.  But I liked having my own large closet in our old town house.  It was awesome.  Now I have to share with J.D. and it’s just ridiculously small.  Also, you know, boy cooties.   AND, bonus, I can’t even think about a fancy organizer doohicky b/c they don’t seem to understand that one of the people using this closet is 6’2″ and has shirts that are as long as some other people’s dresses.