Gingerbread Houses: not for eating

gingerbread house Are we significantly passed the holiday season? Yes. Should I have done this with Bean in December? Probably. Am I happy I saved this for a rainy day project? Boy howdy! I can only be expected to watch the Tinker Bell movie so many times in one weekend.


The Princess Has to Pee

Yes, yes.  I know.  The story is really The Princess and the Pea.  But I think my title is more appropriate and realistic.  You thought the whole story was about testing to see if a girl was really a princess by seeing if she could feel a tiny pea through all the mattress of a big-girl bed.  But, I imagine the whole story is really about a girl with a tiny bladder who has to make it to the bathroom in time to pee.  Only then,of course, once truly potty trained, can she make the next step in maturity by sleeping in her new big-girl bed without a pull-up.