Pets and Vets

When do you know you’ve done enough?  That is the question I have been asking myself for a month now.  I have a geriatric cat.  How old you ask?  Well I’m thirty-five and I’ve had her since I was seventeen.  OLD, she is.

And generally as frisky as ever.  Certainly more talkative than ever.  And she is in mostly OK health. Except that she isn’t.  She has kidney failure.  It has been coming on slowly.  We are currently as a point where she is on two, not inexpensive, but easily given, medications.  The latest trip, prompted by an obvious uptick in out put (this means we realized we had to change the cat litter daily), resulted in the recommendation that we infuse her with fluid once a week.  This means that we take a huge syringe attached to a sharp and a tube and shoot about 200ccs of fluid under her skin every weekend.  She LOVES this.

The expense of the medications and also the fluid and stuff needed for the infusion AND the special kidney health food does give me pause, especially when I consider that I have not maxed out any contributions to retirement/403b accounts.  But, I have had her in my life longer than I’ve had some of my friends.  She has moved across the country with me and back again.  When do you know that you’ve done enough?  All things being equal, I don’t know.  But I don’t think I’m there just yet.

Hopefully Bean won’t blame us too much when we have to move in after retirement.