Check. Check. One. Two. Hey! is this thing on?

So a month has passed since I last touched base. In that time, my kid officially turned four. I maintained my 15ish pound weight-loss. Feared I might have lost one of my oldest friends to our lives moving in separate ways. Coordinated the Homecoming events at work. Recovered from coordinating the Homecoming events at work. Got incredibly irritated with some house guests. Finished two quilt squares under the tutelage of <a href = “ And finally bought tickets to head to Brooklyn for a wedding.

Reading that just makes me want a drink and a nap.

Here’s a interesting wrinkle brought up by that last item on the list. During the last three-four years, I haven’t exactly bought a slew of clothes. In fact, I’ve only bought what I really had to buy. This has been good on the check book but not so good on my options for anything NOT work related. And so now, I find I have a wedding and absolutely nothing to wear to it!!! The only things I have that are even remotely appropriate are now too big AND not at all garments for an early winter wedding in Brooklyn, NY. And, truthfully, I have found a number of lovely things I would like to order, but I really don’t want to drop 100-150$ on an outfit in a size I hope to not be for very long.

Anyone got something I can just borrow? Size 16. 29ish inch inseam. A little baby chub left on the belly. Not especially busty. I’ll just wait. Shall I?



JD is going through a rough patch right now. And tonight I told him not
to worry, that’d I have his back for as long as possible. Whatever I could do to make it easier…

He scoffed, of course, said everything was ok. Evrything is not ok, but that is ok. Everything doesn’t always have to be ok. Everything doesn’t always have to be fine.

And the truth is I owe him. For almost three years he kept me anchored somewhere off the coast of Sanityland. I’m really good at smiling and pretending to get along. But most folks dont have to live with me. He did. He held up friendships when I couldn’t. He managed the money when I couldn’t. He took care of Bean when I couldn’t AND made it possible for me to not dread caring for her.

He doesn’t think I noticed. For a long time he was right. He was extraordinary. I’ve got his back.

Face the Music Monday

208.8!  That was a completely unexpected surprise.  We are currently in the upswing of a new school year/semester and the stress level at home/work has ratcheted way up.  And well, you know, I eat when I’m stressed out.  Or at least I’m more likely to eat all the lovely caloricly (sp?) dense food stuffs I can find.

Days like today have been known to drive me to down a whole pint of B&J all by my lonesome.  mmmmm.  Phish Food.

And yet, today, I did not touch the snack food or the homemade cookies that folks brought into work.  So to recap:  Cookies 0  Delaney 1.