Face the Music Monday

As anyone who has been at the weight loss game for any length of time knows, it is easy to get derailed. It’s also hard to focus only on the weight loss effort with so many other things (work, kid, dogs, family, husband, yard) screaming (sometimes literally) for my attention.

Here is my status by the numbers.
Weight 207.8, +5.8 from pre-new year low (-9.ish lbss total)
Bust: 44/40 (-1.75 inches total)/(no change)
Waist: 38.75 (-3.75 inches total)
Hips: 45 (-2 inches total)

The question, this morning, is how to move forward. What do I focus on? What short-term goals do I set? The long-term goal has not changed. But I’m honestly open to trying another path, even an old one like Weight Watchers, to get there.


Gingerbread Houses: not for eating

gingerbread house Are we significantly passed the holiday season? Yes. Should I have done this with Bean in December? Probably. Am I happy I saved this for a rainy day project? Boy howdy! I can only be expected to watch the Tinker Bell movie so many times in one weekend.

Recycle Recycle Recycle

As a runner, I have gone through a whole bunch of running shoes.  And I’ve often wondered about how to recycle them.  I know that there are some places that, for lack of a better word, upcycle them.  But I’ve always been a little wary of doing this, if only because I really wear these shoes out.  I have guilt/concerns about the idea that I would be “upcycling” something that was not in great shape.  (I also have guilt/concerns about how much garbage I produce, but that is a conversation for another time.) This brings me to what spurred this post.  Nike recycles shoes.  This I knew because I had seen this list.  BUT. There are drop off locations!!!!   How have I not known about this??!!!    Is it too 2009 to *Facepalm* myself?

Andre the Giant and the Theater of the Absurd

To break up the monotony of the 60 minutes on the elliptical, I’ve begun reading whatever magazines are available.  Read = flip pages desperately trying to find something interesting.  I don’t always succeed.  But the other day I lucked into a great little interview with some of the cast from the Princess Bride.  If you don’t know what the Princess Bride is, I highly recommend that you check out the movie or the book.  It is funny and smart and romantically inclined.

But really, what I wanted to share was a little bit about André René Roussimoff, otherwise known as André the Giant.  As his stage name indicates, he was a large man.  Indeed, by the time he was 12, he was too tall to ride the bus to school.  The answer to this quandary was to get the only person in town with a convertible to drive him.  And the only person in town with a convertible was Samuel Beckett.  Yes, that Samuel Beckett , the author of Waiting for Godot and Happy Days, use to drive Andre the giant to school.  Feel free to smile at that image.  I did.  For weeks.

Sometimes I really appreciate the Universe’s sense of humor.

Resolutions? What Resolutions?

Well I finally got brave and stepped on the scale.  The result was not nearly as bad as I thought it might be; a five pound gain.  Also I’m happy to report that no black hole opened as the result of any new-fangled physics that were done in the bathroom to pull this off.

I’ve been spending the week catching up on my quality time with the elliptical machines at the gym.  It occurred to me the other day, as I put in my weight and age, that I’ve been putting my age in precisely the same brand of machine since that first number was a very solid 2.  I’m sure there is a very deep metaphor we could delve into regarding this, but really I just found it funny;  twistedly so.

I’m not back to running yet.  I’m little wary of running at my weight after my last effort resulted in a very angry knee.  (I like my knees.  I like to keep them happy.)  Even so, I think I would have gone on a short run yesterday if I had remembered to pack my running shoes.  The weather was surprisingly warm and dry, despite the insistence of the Weather Channel that it was raining.

In the meantime, I’m also trying to figure out how to working yoga/weights into the routine as well.  Finding time to devote enough time to cardio and also weight training/stretching to burn 500-700 calories a day is going to be a challenge.  Perhaps this plan from Runner’s World will work well with the time restriction.  I simply do not have 2 hours to spend at the gym on a daily basis.




JD has declared that he is old enough to wear Underoos again with aplomb. So far he has in his collection Flash and Iron Man. Apparently there were also Darth Vader and Green Lantern just not in his size.

This may bode strangely for our future relations. 😉