Long day

3:30. AM. One car. Two planes. Two trains. 11 hours. Seriously rethinking the saving of 30$ from not hiring a car. Would have been here 2 hours earlier.



So tomorrow I head off to my first vacationing adventure while on still-unnamed-diet. I’m hitching a ride to the coast with my dad as JD won’t be able to join us until later and I don’t want to take two cars. I’m a little worried because while on the one hand it is very easy to eat separate meals from most of those my family will be eating, simply as a function of time, those meals that we will be expected to share will be characteristically full of the densely caloric options. Even more of a challenge will be the limitations on alcohol consumption. It is very easy for me to go from 2 to 4 beers without thinking about it. Of course drinking isn’t exactly a thinking man’s sport. And man, do I get snacky. Any advice on managing this particular vice is greatly appreciated.

I foresee a lot of “asides” in the next week.

Now, to pack.