Reasons to Exercise in the Morning

I recently found a journal entry in one of my many, many, many abandoned efforts. The title is as above and there are 15 things listed below. Suspiciously, the last two are NOT in my handwriting. (I’m give you the stink-eye Jana.) Here’s the list:

1. Hard to find time during day, things get in the way. (nice how that rhymes.)
2. spending $$ on the gym is not feasible. (this was apparently when I meant in mornings at home.)
3. fit into old clothes
4. beach = don’t want to be embarrassed
5. wedding in July
6. tired all the time
7. need more energy @ night
8. will need more energy as Bean gets older
9. Don’t want to be the fat mom
10. don’t want to feel estranged from body anymore
11. don’t want to feel estranged from self anymore.
12. fatigue taking toll on brain
13. no heavy breaking after three flights of stairs
14. Yeah Endorphins! (Jana)
15. Everything tastes better when you have to run to catch it. (Jana)

What’s on your list?


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