The Victory Garden Companion

In my planning for what I am about to do to my yard, I’ve been checking a LOT of books out of the library.  My local library has a great program that allows books to be delivered to the library closest to you and I USE it.  Indeed, I was kinda “that person” the other day when I checked out a box full of books.  A whole box they had had to set aside behind the desk because there were too many for the reserve shelf!

Anyway, the first book I opened up with the Victory Garden Companion.  I thought it was going to be mostly eye candy, providing “inspiration” but not a lot of practical information. I mean, yes, the gardens of Colonial Williamsburg are lovely, but that is never going to be what my yard looks like.  I was pleasantly surprised!  There is quite a bit of detailed information in there regarding border plantings and vegetable gardens.  I especially liked the suggestions beginning page 201 and the idea of orgainzing your seeds by the month in which they should be started.  (Brilliant!  Why hadn’t I thought of that before?!)   I’ve made some notes but as the book is due tomorrow, I’m resolved to just check it out again in the future.


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