Hi, my name is Alice, and I’m stubborn.  (Hi Alice.)

Stubbornness has carried me through a number of challenges in life.  A particularly harrowing semester (21 semester + work + radio ‘volunteering’), the end of the “first love,” and postpartum crazies are among some of the things that immediately come to mind when I think about how stubbornness has helped.  There have also been the less lengthy efforts, like a marathon (5-6 hours is NOT lengthy!) and oral comprehensive exams in which stubbornness probably played a part.

No doubt my refusal to just let this blog die is tied to my stubbornness.

Things have been happening around me recently.  Things, I’m sorry to say, I don’t particularly want to share.  I feel shared out.  Let’s just say that “we all survive our parents worst intentions and sometimes even their best ones leave surprising scars.” and leave it at that, shall we?  Assurances all around that life is good and people on my  end are [mostly] healthy.    Also, my house is dirty, with all walls the same colors they were in November (both are evidence, according to my friend Joe, that all is well as my house is only immaculate or rearrainged when I feel the need to be control of something) and my sense of humor remains intact  (no sense of humor is J.D.’s sign that something is very wrong).

Peace out.  (yes, it IS 1991.  you didn’t get the memo?)


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