Closing in on Thirty-Five

OK. So I haven’t talked about weight-loss in a while.  I’ve been at a plateau.  In all honesty, it has been a generous plateau.  Though I haven’t been losing, I’ve not been gaining either.  I’ve been between 203 and 205 the whole time.   An immediate problem has focused my attention on getting passed this.  I am two weeks from my thirty-fifth birthday.  And, well, I refuse to go into thirty-five on this side of 200.

So here’s the plan.  For the next two weeks I am going to obsess about counting calories.  Those going in  at meals and out at the gym. No more of this lackadaisical attitude.  I’m going to weigh everyday, even though I know I’m not suppose to.  As of yesterday I was 204.8.  This morning I was 202.6. And by my birthday, I will be in the 190s.

Yes.  I know that there is a Thanksgiving and a wedding between me and that date.  I don’t care.

I’m not recommending that anyone else do this, by the way.  I’m not doctor.  I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn last night.  I’m just gonna put my shoulder into the wall and push.


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