A Goodbye

Today I made a decision that I’ve been putting off for a while now.  I said goodbye to some old friends.  I have, since the game came out, been playing Sim2.  I know that it may seem silly that I refer to characters in a game as friends.  But for almost six years I’ve watched characters grow and get jobs and have families.  For some of the families in the game I am on a 4th generation.

I’ve lost a few to accidents, like lightning strikes.  I’ve had one couple that could not get pregnant no matter what I did.  Other characters wouldn’t be happy no matter what accommodations I made for them.  Some were so easy that it was a joy to play with them.

The problem, for me, is that playing the game could easily eat up hours of my day.  For me there was no such thing as a couple of hours of play.  And in a life where I am trying to find a balance between my self, my family and my work, a component that trumps all those efforts and throws everything out of balance is not pleasant company.

And so today I uninstalled the game.  Not because I didn’t enjoy playing the game.  And not because I don’t still feel an affinity for the characters.  But because I don’t imagine that at the end of my life I will think, “man, I should have played more video games.”


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