She’s Got the Look

Holy crap.  OK, so today, like today, now, on a whim, I tried on my other size 16 pants.  (yes yes…this is along the lines of weighing myself repeatedly throughout the week, in the words of the character played by Peter MacNicol on Ally McBeal, “bygones.”)  So where was I?  Yes.  OK.  So I tried on my size 16s.  You know, the ones I said still fit kinda wonky.  And.  Well. After the squat test, THEY FIT.  HOLY CRAP!!!!

And so I started thinking, what else might fit?  A sudden flurry of trying on everything I own was cut short by the fact that half of my clothes are at my dad’s in storage from when we had the house on the market.  But still, there were things here.  Shirts to be tried on and judged.  How too big is just too too big?  What should be packed/given away?  Should I go ahead and move in to fall colors?  Should I scrap the whole shebang and start over?    Ooooh.  Maybe an upgrade to Banana Republic?  nono..can’t afford that.

But I’m telling you, “XL Tall” is looking like a dead man.  “L Tall” is the new black.

Bonus:  Now you have the Roxette Song stuck in your head too.


2 thoughts on “She’s Got the Look

    • No doubt. I can’t wait to get all the stuff from storage and see what’s in there there that fits! ooh, I totally have this skirt that is punk meets parochial school that is totally gonna fit! sweet.

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