Face the Music Monday

So my official weigh in today has me at 210.4! 5lbs from where I was at the beginning of last week and a total of 7.2 down from where I was in the beginning. Not bad. 7.2 in five weeks. We’ve got some challenging weeks ahead to be sub-200 by the first 5k of my running season but I think it’s doable.

That number isn’t the only music I’m facing right now. We recently took our house off of the market and it would seem that now is the time for everything to break For example, the water of Bean’s bath was yellow, which could be that the were working somewhere on the line but could also mean that my pipes/hotwater heater are in rough shape. Also, I would give you some measurements to compare with ones from a couple of weeks ago, but my electrical panel is attempting to melt itself so I have access to limited electrical power right now. That, and I think JD would be mildly irritated if I woke him up to hold the flashlight while I did it.

Hrm. I think the dogs will be cooler outside tonight. Heck, I might be cooler outside tonight. (Pause for a moment to weigh my discomfort inside against the potential for bugs to crawl into places outside.). Or maybe not.


4 thoughts on “Face the Music Monday

  1. No doubt. I know (and am thankful) that we are not getting the worst of it. Yet. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see it reach 80 degrees in my house.

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