Face the Music Monday

Good evening!  Week two has come and gone and things are progressing.  Official weigh-in (the one Thursday morning doesn’t count…nor the one Saturday night..erm probably should ignore the one Sunday afternoon as well) has me down 1.4.  (What?  Like you’ve never done that.)  I also went ahead and pulled some measurements for comparison.  We will not discuss how the second largest loss in circumference was the bust.  I’m 34.  I stopped waiting for them to “come in” two years ago.  OK OK.  Three years ago.  Jeez.

In all seriousness, if pregnancy wasn’t going to blow the proverbial roof off the girls, ain’t nothing gonna do it.  The good news is that unlike some women I know, I only have to wear one bra when I run.  Small favors.

So to recap the numbers are:

Weight: 211.2 -1.4 this week (-6.2 total)
Waist: 40 -2.5
Hips: 46.5 -.5
Legs: 27.25 -.75
Bust: 44.5 -1.25

Pictures are forthcoming as always.  And now to get the dogs in and go to bed.  I’m up way past my bedtime.  G’night.


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