Easy, Like Sunday Morning

There’s an inside joke to that title, the particulars I won’t share, but the abbreviated version is this, if you have sex for the first time and call your mother the next day because you are afraid you’ve broken your hooha, you’re roommate might be inspired to pick up the receiver in his room and play this song for everyone’s listening pleasure.  I’m sorry, did I say “joke”?

This morning though, was a nice and easy as a start to my marathon training.   I was afraid, when I walked outside and heard thunder, that I was going to have to postpone the run to a hotter part of the day.  But when I check the map on the Weather Channel it looked like the storm was going to hold tight to the ridge, so I headed off.

I decided to really push my distance today, even if it meant I walked a lot of it.  I’ve been doing the C25K program but am not near the end of it so I really was planning on possibly doubling what distance I had been covering.  And honestly, everything went pretty smoothly.   I had to double back on one part of my route just to squeeze out a little extra distance and when I hit my street I looped again just to be sure.  My goal was 3 miles but when I got home, RunKeeper Pro told me I had actually gone 3.55! HOLY MOLY!  (Note to self:  loop around my block is .25 miles.)

I’ve popped a little Ibuprofen and stretched to keep old injuries from complaining too loudly but I have to say I’m blown away by how amazingly fantastically great that felt.  Even in the 80 degree 82% humidity morning.


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