Where Are We Going?

So during the last week, I’ve been thinking about my goals.  I mean, it’s one thing to say to yourself, “man I need to lose some weight.”  But it is altogether a different thing to know where you are headed.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a planner.  (Hi, I’m D.  I’m a planner.)  I LOVE to have a plan of action laid out.  I cannot tell you how many training plans for races I have put on my calendar in the last three years alone.  Pre-kid those plans were usually carried out.  Post-kid? I could be flippant and say that the planning was just an exercise in futility.  But I think that it was more like an exercise on its own, practice seeing when and how I might fit some consistent running into my year with a new job, a new kid, in a newish place.

I looked at my BMI again this morning using the WebMD BMI calculator. I also looked at a calendar to get an idea about a couple of benchmarks, both for running and weight loss. And I think that I have a few good and realistic ones.

Weight Goal #1: sub 200 by UAble 5K
Weight Goal #2: 175lbs (the weight on my driver’s license) by Bean’s 4th Bday.
Weight Goal #3: 164lbs (no more “Overweight”) by my 35th Bday.
Weight Goal #4: sub 160 by the New Year
Weight Goal #5: 155lbs by Mercedes

Running Goal #1: Are UAble? 5K – 8/20
Running Goal #2: Race for the Cure 5K – 10/15
Running Goal #3: Vulcan 10K – 11/5
Running Goal #4: Studdard 1/2 Marathon – 11/20
Running Goal #5: Mercedes Marathon – 2/11


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