The Ugly Truth

I am obese.  Not chubby.  Not big boned.  (Ok, I am “big boned” but that is a discussion for another time.)  My current BMI is 33.  And while you may question, as other have, the value of relying only on the BMI as a measure of “health,” I have a couple of other numbers I would like to throw out there.

Can you see this picture? (Sorry for the bad lighting.) Yeah.  It says 217.6.    That would be, ahem,  TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN POINT SIX POUNDS.

Need more?  Lets talks about sizes.  My current pant size is 18.  Size discrepancies aside, and I will talk about that at a later time too, that is a pretty big pant size.  I’m an XL Tall on top. What does all that mean?  Well, I’m 5’8″.  My waist is 42.5″.  My hips are 47″.  My thighs are 28″ each.  My bust, including boobs, is 45.75″.  Without the boobs?  40″.  My upper arms are 13.5″. All these numbers = I am not a small person.  I’m not even a small version of myself.


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